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Frames Design

Frames are an advanced technique used in web page design to ease the navigation of the web page. Used improperly, they can destroy the appearance of your web page. Several design techniques can be used for frames in your web pages:

  • Start by designing web pages without frames, and convert the web pages to use frames at a later time (when you're more comfortable with the use of frames).

  • Use frames only to ease navigation. It shouldn't be obvious to users that frames have been used because it can spoil the appearance of the web page.

  • Frames should not introduce too many windows. If you want to use frames, consider using fewer windows. For example, use only two windows: one for navigation with a list of links, and the other showing the content of the selected link. The navigation window in this case can be placed on the left side, right side, top, or bottom of the page.

  • Frames should not introduce too many scrollbars. Remove scrollbars from windows that don't need them.

  • Delete the borders of all frames, or make them transparent. The frames should blend together to give the whole page the appearance of one window.

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