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P2P Development Libraries

What about the products to build P2P applications? This type of venture could use existing libraries as is, or be customized for P2P. Remember that we're not necessarily creating totally new paradigms of design—just moving parts from the server to distributed clients or just at the client. This doesn't mean that all software is applicable. For example, it wouldn't be smart to place a full-featured Oracle database on every PC. On the other hand, a lightweight database for embedded or stand-alone applications would be very useful.

Here are a few ideas for products to support P2P:

  • Centralized management of corporate peers
  • PC-based databases
  • Installation tools
  • Data synchronization and updating
  • Core functions (chat, share, publish)
  • Data management
  • Security
  • E-commerce (credit cards, invoicing)
  • Trust systems
  • Membership systems
  • Connectivity to legacy software
  • Agent frameworks

Once again, you can see that there are many possibilities. I'm sure you're thinking of other ideas right now that are not on this very short list of possibilities.

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