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Carbon API Menu Options Explained

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In this sample chapter from Carbon Programming,Kevin Bricknell presents the low-down on menu types and options for the Carbon API, and then follows with some demonstration programs.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In This Chapter

  • Introduction—Types of Menus

  • Pull-Down Menus

  • Hierarchical Menus

  • Pop-Up Menus

  • Menu Objects, Menu IDs and Item Numbers, Command IDs, and Menu Lists

  • Creating Your Application's Menus

  • Providing Help Balloons (Mac OS 8/9)

  • Changing Menu Item Appearance

  • Adding Items to a Menu

  • Associating Data with Menu Items

  • Handling Menu Choices

  • Hiding and Showing the Menu Bar

  • Accessing Menus From Alerts and Dialogs

  • Main Menu Manager Constants, Data Types, and Functions

  • Demonstration Program Menus1 Listing

  • Demonstration Program Menus1 Comments

  • Demonstration Program Menus2 Listing

  • Demonstration Program Menus2 Comments

Introduction—Types of Menus

A menu is a user interface element that allows the user to view, or choose from, a list of choices and commands provided by your application. There are basically three types of menus:

  • Pull-Down Menus. A pull-down menu comprises a menu title, displayed in the menu bar, and one or more menu items.

  • Submenus. A submenu is a menu that is attached to another menu. A menu to which a submenu is attached is referred to as a hierarchical menu.

  • Pop-Up Menus. A pop-up menu is a menu that does not appear in the menu bar but rather appears on another part of the screen.

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