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  1. Will ColdFusion someday offer direct support for my server software, Server X, Y, or Z?

  1. With each consecutive ColdFusion release, Macromedia has increased the number of directly supported Web server APIs. The company's Web site is your best source of up-to-date news on future developments. If your brand isn't supported, it probably wouldn't hurt to use Macromedia's contact addresses to do a little lobbying for your preferred server.

  1. Why is the ColdFusion Enterprise Edition so much more expensive than the Professional Edition? Is it really that much better?

  1. The Enterprise Edition offers some high-end features such as CORBA support to the basic ColdFusion package. The actual uses of these features go beyond the scope of this book, but it's safe to say that most users will do just fine with the less-expensive Professional Edition. It's easy to upgrade later if you discover you need Enterprise's added attractions.

  1. Can I really configure my ColdFusion server from any computer, anywhere?

  1. Yes. Beginning in version 3.0, the new ColdFusion Administrator interface enables you to make configuration changes from any Web-connected machine. With the Web interface, you can run admin tasks such as cycling logs, adding and removing datasources, and starting and stopping ColdFusion service.

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