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Starting and Stopping ColdFusion Service

When you install ColdFusion Server, the program assumes that you're going to want it running all the time and it automatically configures your system accordingly. When you reboot your system after the program installation, ColdFusion will begin to run, and won't stop unless you manually turn off its services.

In most cases, there's never really much reason to turn ColdFusion off, but there are a few instances when you might need to. You might need to upgrade your Web server or ColdFusion software at some point, and this will require shutting down the program.

How you do this depends on your operating system:

  • On Windows 9x machines, ColdFusion runs as an executable. To stop it, right-click the ColdFusion icon in the system tray and choose Shut Down.

  • On Windows NT/2000 systems, ColdFusion runs as a service. To stop it, open the Services Manager, find the entry for ColdFusion Server, and select Stop.

  • In Unix-based systems, ColdFusion runs as a process. These can be started and stopped manually or by using the scripts included in the standard installation:



If you've stopped the program to perform software upgrades or make other system changes, these changes might require you to reboot your system. If you want to keep ColdFusion from restarting after the boot, you'll also need to disable it so that it doesn't automatically resume service. This process differs depending on your system platform. Check your ColdFusion documentation for details specific to your operating system.

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