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Frank Remarks: Peters, Limbaugh, Jones - Eat Your Heart Out! Using Media to Market Your E-Business

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Stuck in that boring "same old, same old" world of online marketing? Frank Fiore offers some fresh alternatives.
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They say there's nothing new under the sun. It may seem that way with online marketing. Banner ads, link and banner exchanges, anonymous discussion board postings, and sponsorships? That was then. This is now. Affiliate programs, search engine marketing, search engine optimization? Been there, done that. Database and email marketing, strategic partnerships, newsletters and e-zines? Check.

So what's left to try? I mean, how do you teach this old dog new tricks? Well, how about looking again to the real world? The question being, "What's there that we can repurpose here and use to promote an e-business?" For the answer, I give you Tom Peters, Rush Limbaugh, and Bridget Jones's Diary. And what do they have in common with e-marketing? Lend an ear, fellow Romans, and I'll explain.

How would your company like to be on radio, broadcasting over the Internet? And I don't mean sponsoring a radio show or doing a guest spot—but your own radio station that you can use for your e-business proposes. And how would you like your CEO, president, or owner be a published—in print—author of a book about your industry? Or how would you like to have one of your more creative employees—or you, if being creative is your bent—publish an ongoing diary of industry musings for clients and prospective clients?

All of this is possible today on the Net. The cost? You'd be surprised. You can publish a book for less than a hundred bucks, broadcast a radio show for as little as $75 a month, and keep a running diary on the web for free.

Here's how.

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