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Development Options

As I mentioned earlier, ADOCE is the standard Microsoft API for accessing and manipulating data stores on the Windows CE operating system. ADOCE is a smaller relative of the Win32 ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) library and includes the following objects:

  • Connection
  • Error
  • Recordset
  • Field
  • Fields

ADOCE will be of interest to anyone building a data storage application for Windows CE as it is the API of not only Pocket Access and SQL Server CE but also of the native object filesystem itself! Using ADOCE, databases can be queried (using the SQL SELECT statement), edited (using DELETE/INSERT), and modified (using DML statements such as CREATE/DROP/ALTER TABLE and CREATE/DROP INDEX).

SQL Server CE databases can also be accessed via an OLE DB/CE provider from Microsoft. Like its ADOCE counterpart, OLE DB/CE is a slimmed-down version of the Win32 information access model. OLE DB/CE supports the Data Source, Session, Command, and Rowset interfaces.

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