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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

WML Terminology

Software applications typically consist of several screens. In the world of WAP development, a screen is known as a card. A collection of cards is known as a deck.

WML Decks

The purpose of the WML deck is to deliver more than one card to a WAP device at one time. Users can then navigate small portions of the WML-enabled application without waiting for each individual navigation action.

WML Cards

WML cards provide the structure of a WAP application. WML cards define how information displays on a device and how the user can navigate through an application.

Because of this responsibility, a WML card can never be empty. WML cards must contain at least one WML element. You'll look at using cards later in this chapter. Figure 3.1 displays the WML deck/card relationship.

Figure 3.1 The WML deck/card relationship.

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