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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


The following section describes solutions to taxation provided by third-party vendors.

Sabrix, Inc.

Product Name: TaxBay

Product Category: Tax

Contact Name: Dave Driscoll

Contact Phone: (866) 482-9229 (toll-free)

Contact E-mail: dave.driscoll@sabrix.com; info@taxbay.com

Web Pages: http://www.sabrix.com; http:// http://www.taxbay.com

TaxBay, by Sabrix, centralizes transaction tax management into a single operating environment that encompasses the total business enterprise.

A robust transaction engine manages Buy-Side, Sell-Side, and e-commerce U.S. Sales and Use Tax calculations. An integrated international module handles Value Added Tax (VAT) for input and output transactions and Goods and Services Tax (GST) calculations in a completely automated environment. In short, TaxBay centralizes and consolidates tax calculations for businesses no matter where they are located—across the U.S. or around the world.

Web-based communications protocols offer the tax manager control through a single point of entry for anytime, anywhere access to the entire system. Updates can be instantaneous and automatic.

Full integration with all existing ERP and legacy systems, data warehousing, infinite scalability, and the power to handle evaluated receipt settlement give TaxBay the power and flexibility to excel in all business environments. It resides on each client's data center and is updated regularly with electronic pull downloads.

TaxBay was created by Sabrix, Inc., using Oracle Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) to store much of TaxBay's data and to execute much of its code. In addition, TaxBay uses Oracle Internet Applications Server (IAS) to manage the XML and end-user interface. Oracle Reports Server generates and serves reports to the end user through a browser.

Vertex, Inc.

Product Names: Quantum for Sales and Use Tax, Quantum Returns, Quantum for Payroll Tax, Quantum for Property Tax

Product Category: Tax

Contact Name: Tom Kirk

Contact Phone: (800) 355-3500

Contact E-mail: tom_kirk@vertexinc.com

Web Page: http://www.vertexinc.com

Vertex and Oracle have partnered to create a complete multistate tax compliance suite that includes sales/use tax, property tax, and payroll tax. The Oracle interfaces to Vertex's Quantum family of solutions mean faster, more efficient and accurate tax compliance so that tax professionals can focus on more strategic activities. Vertex's full suite of compliance products simplifies relationships with third-party providers.

Oracle 11i includes an out-of-the-box integration to Vertex's Quantum for Sales and Use Tax product. The tax enhancements made within 11i have simplified implementation and have improved the user's ability to remain compliant from a sales and use tax perspective. Oracle's Order Management solution is the key linkage between Oracle Applications and the Vertex tax compliance system. Vertex tax functionality is embedded within Order Capture and is called for calculating tax whether the user is in the iStore application or in the Accounts Receivables application. Several other enhancements have also been included to help maximize the benefits of the Vertex tax solution. Vertex tax compliance solutions are available with Oracle 11i whether you are using the applications in-house or taking advantage of Oracle's hosted applications.

Quantum Returns completes the compliance process by automatically importing tax data from a summary file and entering it onto exact replicas of state and locally administered return forms, ready for signature and filing.

Quantum for Payroll Tax is a fully integrated component of Oracle Human Resources Management System. This integration is a required component of the Oracle U.S. and Canadian Payroll applications. Address validation functionality is also available for customers who are using the Oracle HR module without Oracle Payroll.

Oracle Assets is integrated with Quantum for Property Tax. Quantum automates the property tax compliance process by tracking dates, providing for review and adjustment of property valuations, estimating property tax based on jurisdictional requirements, and generating signature-ready returns. It then compares estimated with actual assessed values and processes tax bills, payments, and billbacks.

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