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Chapter 32: Finding Additional Compatible Solutions

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Chapter 32: Finding Additional Compatible Solutions

In this chapter


Administration Utilities

Asset Management

Data Collection and Barcodes

Document Management and Workflow

Electronic Commerce

Implementation and Interface Tools

Maintenance Management

Planning and Supply Chain Management

Printing and Output Enhancement

Quality Management

Reporting Enhancement and Business Intelligence


Warehouse and Distribution Management


In 1994, Oracle released version 10 of the Applications with greatly expanded use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs). The Applications were opened and standardized for extension and enhancement of function. These APIs and the opening of many entry points to the Oracle functions spawned a mini-industry of extending and expanding the Applications. Soon, Oracle and many software vendors formed a Cooperative Applications Initiative (CAI) to coordinate the delivery of extended business solutions to customers.

In this book, we want to give you solutions to business problems in addition to Oracle Applications reference material. This chapter presents solutions from the software vendors in the Oracle Applications industry. These solutions are software you buy from companies other than Oracle.


The marketing departments of these companies wrote much of the content of this chapter, and we present this material as it was given to us. Please carefully evaluate for yourself whether the product or service really is unique, unparalleled, strategic, efficient, and so forth.

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