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Document-Weary? Try Chief Programmer Work Folders

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Chief programmer work folders are a simple, effective solution for document-weary development teams. In this article from The Coad Letter, Stephen Palmer explains how the work folder concept functions.
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Over the last couple of years, many software development teams have started using Internet technologies to build project repositories. Imagine the possibilities of combining products like Together ControlCenter, tools like Javadoc, web-enabled version control systems, calendars, discussion areas, databases, and directory servers. This powerful combination provides a development team plenty of opportunities to capture, generate, and link documents and other artifacts created throughout a project. The question that the technology doesn't answer is exactly what documents to create and capture, and how best to link it all together. Therefore, this article provides a short set of notes exploring the recording of artifacts produced during the two engine-room processes of Feature-Driven Development (FDD), called Design by Feature (DBF) and Build by Feature (BBF).

The Design by Feature and Build by Feature activities form the construction engine room of the Feature-Driven Development process. Each of the two activities includes a number of tasks to be performed by the chief programmer or the feature team as a whole.

The Design by Feature activity contains seven tasks:

  1. Form a feature team.

  2. Domain walkthrough.

  3. Study the referenced documents.

  4. Build a sequence diagram.

  5. Write class and method prologs.

  6. Design inspection.

  7. Log design-inspection action items.

The Build by Feature activity contains six tasks:

  1. Implement classes and methods.

  2. Code inspection.

  3. Log code-inspection action items.

  4. Unit test.

  5. Develop a team model.

  6. Check in and promote to the build process.

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