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Backing Out Data Services

After a data service has been configured and initialized, you may decide to disable and de-install it. This activity is common in test or pre-production environments where cluster data services are staged before they are rolled out into production. In this section, the steps required to back out data services to restore the original configuration are detailed. The examples provided perform the operations through the command line, although the same results can be obtained through the SunPlex Manager GUI.

Removing a Resource Group

Before you can remove any resource group that you created, the resources contained in that group have to be removed. You cannot remove resources or resource groups while they are online, so they must be switched offline first. To remove the HA-NFS resource group from the command line, execute these commands from either cluster node:

alpha# scswitch -z -g myresgrp -h ""
alpha# scswitch -n -j nfsres
alpha# scswitch -n -j hasres
alpha# scswitch -n -j logicalhost
alpha# scrgadm -r -j nfsres
alpha# scrgadm -r -j hasres
alpha# scrgadm -r -j logicalhost
alpha# scswitch -u -g myresgrp
alpha# scrgadm -r -g myresgrp

Removing a Global Filesystem and Global Device Group

Global filesystems that were created for a particular data service can be removed or remain so they can be used to support other data services. If you wish to remove them along with associated cluster device groups, perform the following steps:

On either cluster node:

alpha# rm -r /global/nfs/admin
alpha# rm -r /global/nfs/data
(if running VxVM)
alpha# scswitch -m -D mydskgrp
alpha# scconf -r -D name=mydskgrp
(if running Solstice DiskSuite)
alpha# metaclear -s mydskset -a
alpha# metatset -s mydskset -d -h beta
alpha# metaset -s mydskset -f -d $DID1 $DID2
alpha# metaset -s mydskset -d -h alpha

On both cluster nodes:

# vi /etc/vfstab
(remove line added by install script)
# rm -r /global/nfs

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