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A Subtle Reason to Upgrade

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Why should you upgrade to Visual Basic .NET or C#? In this article, Jimmy Nilsson points out what is sometimes an undervalued advantage: free threading.
Jimmy Nilsson is the author of .NET Enterprise Design with Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server 2000 (Sams, 2001, ISBN 0672322331).
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Most VB6 developers who have read about .NET, or who have played with it, have a long list of reasons why you should upgrade to Visual Basic .NET or C#. Common reasons include support for implementation inheritance, an improved versioning schema, and object constructors.

Some developers also see the support for free threading as a major improvement over the VB6 Single-Threaded Apartment (STA) multi-threading model. However, other developers warn about the dangers that free threading will add. Using free threading certainly can do some serious damage, but it also opens up new possibilities for VB developers when building COM+ components. We can use the object pooling service, for example, and the synchronization service in COM+ makes it quite easy to write thread-safe components. (If you leave out sharing objects between requests by using the object-per-request mode, you're also relieved of most of the threading issues.)

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