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In this chapter, we discussed the various kinds of developer environments and how you can choose the environment best suited to your needs. We talked about the following kinds of environments:

  • Hosted—Gives you the greatest flexibility in terms of server-side development, and it is realistic in that you can access your application via the telephone.

  • Simulated—Can teach you about the components of a VoiceXML gateway while you test your applications without tying up a phone line.

  • Web-based—Easy to get started with these comprehensive, integrated environments that may meet all your needs, especially if you have high-speed Internet access.

If you select a hosted environment, use your chosen editor to save a simple program to your Web server. To run the code, get a VSP account—register with a developer program and provision your application's URL. Then call the number the VSP provides, with user ID and password, if necessary.

If you select a simulated environment, use your chosen editor to write a test program. Download and install a simulator and supporting tools. Follow the vendor's directions for starting an application.

If you select Web-based, join a developers program, access the development site, and start running code.

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