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The workshop provides quiz questions and an exercise to help solidify your understanding of the material covered and provide you with experience in using what you've learned.


1. What is an object?

2. What is a class?

3. What destructor is called by the .NET Framework when an object is destroyed?

4. What feature is a delegate used with?

Answers to Quiz

1. An entity with state, a defined boundary, behavior, and characteristics.

2. A class is a blueprint or template from which objects are created. It describes the member data, methods, and functionality an object has.

3. Finalize().

4. Events.


Create a new class declaration, MyClass1, that implements an interface, IMyInterface1, and is derived from MyClass2.

Answers to Exercise

Create a new class interface named IMyInterface1:

Interface IMyInterface1
End Interface

Create a new class named MyClass2:

Class MyClass2
End Class

Create a new class named MyClass1 that inherits MyClass2 and implements IMyInterface1:

Class MyClass1
   Inherits MyClass2
   Implements IMyInterface1

End Class
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