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The Data Access Page Wizard is a duplicate of the Report Wizard (valid for today's discussion anyway) but results in a report suitable for display over the Web. I've run the wizard and saved the page as pgeWizard. You can open the page in the Day 3 database, by choosing the Pages button from the database view. Choose Open from the toolbar. Figure 3.17 shows this open and in action within Access.

Figure 3.18 shows the same page open in Internet Explorer just as it might be in the Web.

I've included this page as the file pgeWizard.html. If you try to open it and find you cannot link to the data source, it's because you've installed the Day 3 database in a different folder from the page, or it's in use by another application (like Access itself).

Figure 3.17 You can think of a Page as an interactive report useful for Web work.

Figure 3.18 The PGEWIZARD.html displayed in internet explorter.


For those of you wondering how to post a database on the Web, you've just done it. That page is connected to the Day 3 database and the display of records is being controlled by the JET engine in Access. Congratulations—you're now a Web database specialist. Well, almost.

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