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Automatic Reports

The Report Wizard is very similar to the Form Wizard. There is also an AutoReport that works the same as the AutoForm. Figure 3.13 shows the result of the AutoReport option run against the query, qryDate.

Figure 3.13 The AutoReport is similar in all aspects to the AutoForm.

You have this report as part of your sample data saved as rptAuto in the Reports section of the database view. Double-click it to run it from Reports or run the AutoReport yourself against the query qryDate or any other table or report.

The Report Wizard is similar to the Form Wizard, allowing many more options, some of which you'll see here. Again like the Form Wizard, this function is capable of some rather advanced work which I'll cover later in the book. This lesson is supposed to be a light survey of some automatic features of Access, not an exhaustive discussion of all its possibilities.

If you choose to follow along, this section uses the query qryDate to run the Report Wizard against. It likewise includes all fields. The interesting difference in the Report Wizard is in the second dialog box shown in Figure 3.14 where you get to group records. I've chosen to group on the Date field as you can see in the figure.

Figure 3.14 Here is the Report Wizard's grouping dialog box. The Grouping Options button will allow grouping by month, day, year, and so on.

I've also chosen to sort by date as you can see in the next dialog box shown in Figure 3.15. Grouping and sorting are the report's forte.

Figure 3.15 Grouping, sorting, and printing are the missions of reports.

I've left the rest of the options at default, named the report, rptWizard (part of your sample data) and launched it upon the end of the wizard. Figure 3.16 shows the final report.

Figure 3.16 Although quite simple in creation, this report has quite a bit of functionality.


Now is a good time to spend 15 minutes or so running the Simple Report Wizard using different options. This gives you an idea of the scope of this facility.

If you feel adventurous, open this report in design view. This should give you some idea of the magic behind it. By the time you're done with the Day 12, "Getting Reports Right" lesson, you'll find all the elements in this view to be obvious. Don't expect them to be today, however.

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