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Creating and Administering Archives

The following flarcreate command creates an archive, named S8-web.archive, of a Solaris 8 OE 4/01 production web server (excluding the /var/tmp directory) with an archive creator string of "j.s.howard@Sun.COM":

www06# pwd
www06# flarcreate -n "Solaris 8 web server image" \
> -a "j.s.howard@Sun.COM" \
> -R / \
> -x /var/tmp \
> /var/tmp/FlashArchives/S8-web.archive
Determining which filesystems will be included in the archive...
Determining the size of the archive...
The archive will be approximately 446.45MB.
Creating the archive...
Archive creation complete.

The -R option specifies to recursively descend from the specified directory, and the -x option excludes the specified directory. See the flarcreate(1M) man page for details on these and other options.

Flash archives can be accessed through NFS or HTTP. Additionally, Flash archives can be written to disk, CD, or tape and subsequently accessed during installation from the disk, CD-ROM, or tape drive local to the client.

Flash archives can be compressed with the -c option to the flarcreate command. Compressed archives are automatically uncompressed before installation after being transferred to the installation client. See the flarcreate(1M) man page for additional details.

Use the flar command to extract information from a specified archive, for example, to determine how an archive was created:

www06# flar -i S8-web.archive
content_name=Solaris 8 workgroup server image

The flar command also provides options to split or combine archives. Consult the flar(1M) man page for additional details on archive usage.

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