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New Content

To accomplish this feat, we've made some changes to both the content and the style sheets. The changes to content.xml are easy: we've simply added new content, which is shown in bold.

    <person>Merridith Garett</person>, star of the fur and feather 
    epic <movie>Misterra, Jungle Princess</movie>, is getting 
    married next month to long time boyfriend <person>Keith 
    Wild</person>. They plan to settle down for a while and are 
    looking for a show they can do together.
   <location city="Saskatoon, Canada">
   <location city="Tampa, FL">
   <location city="Atlanta, GA">
    <clouds>Partly Cloudy</clouds>
   <location city="London, England">
   <location city="Dublin, Ireland">
    <clouds>Scattered showers</clouds>
   <location city="Paris, France">
  <tvshow>Dark Heroes</tvshow>
  <tvtitle>In the Dark</tvtitle>
  <tvtime>8:00pm EST</tvtime>
  <tvshow>Millenium Mysteries</tvshow>
  <tvtitle>In the Heat of the Millenium</tvtitle>
  <tvtime>9:00pm EST</tvtime>
  <tvshow>Mission to Destiny</tvshow>
  <tvtime>9:00pm EST</tvtime>
  <tvshow>Journey to Jeopardy</tvshow>
  <tvtitle>The Long Walk</tvtitle>
  <tvtime>10:00pm EST</tvtime>

We'll add the new content to the page by adding templates to the style sheet.

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