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SureSync Part 1: Replicating Data with SureSync

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Can SureSync provide business benefits? In this first of a three-part series, Rob Hawthorne tells you about its low cost, ease of configuration, and good fit into the Windows NT/2000 environment.
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This first of three articles on SureSync introduces you to the product, with examples of installing and configuring SureSync for a Windows 2000 Server and explores some of the pure business benefits that SureSync provides.

What Is SureSync, and How Does it Fit Into my Technical Architecture?

Sure Sync is a file replication utility produced by Software Pursuits (http://www.softwarepursuits.com), and is a low cost (in fact, too cheap! only $600 per server) yet feature- and function-rich product. It delivers an ease of use for both novices and more seasoned users. Best of all, it runs on most Windows platforms, so a server is generally inexpensive as well. It works best on Windows 2000 and NT if you want to preserve permissions and run it as a service, but it also reads non-Windows partitions.

The product has many uses (I'm sure you will think of lots of things); and lets you keep your file servers, data stores, and backup procedures running smoothly and efficiently with a very low cost of ownership.

In this article, we take a look at what SureSync is and how to install and set up SureSync to run as a service on your servers. You also get a fairly simple scenario for ensuring that content within your organization is kept in sync (excuse the pun).

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