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Now that you have finished the hour, see if you can answer the following questions.


  1. True or false: Pawns are Actors that players or AI control directly.

  2. True or false: UE4 automatically knows which Game Mode to use by detecting it in the Content Browser.

  3. True or false: Action bindings and axis bindings only work with fixed names such as MoveRight.

  4. True or false: Axis bindings are for continuously pressed inputs like holding down a key or moving a joystick.


  1. True. Any Actors in the scene that AI or players directly control are called Pawns.

  2. False. The Game Mode must be set either in the Project Settings panel or the level’s World Settings panel.

  3. False. Any string can be put into the input binding’s Name field and work. For example, you could replace MoveRight with Strafe.

  4. True. Any time you need more input information than a simple on or off switch, an axis binding is what you should map your actions to.

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