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4.17 Deming and Quality Management

Many of the lessons from Deming are a main focus of the agile ALM, and we will point them out throughout this book. Testing is essential, but there are many other ways to build quality into the agile ALM.

4.17.1 Testing versus Building Quality In

Application testing is a must-have. But quality has to be built in from the very beginning. Code reviews and inspections are among the tools that help ensure quality is built into the product from the very beginning. Ensuring that requirements are well defined is essential for ensuring high-quality systems. The agile ALM provides a comprehensive framework of best practices to help build quality into the product from the very beginning. It is also the best way to help improve productivity.

4.17.2 Productivity

Technology professionals often find themselves mired in the quagmire of trying to get work done efficiently. The mature agile ALM helps avoid mistakes and rework that is so often the reality of today’s software and systems development effort. One of the most effective practices to improve productivity is rapid iterative development.

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