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The Good Guys

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Tomb Buggy


FIGURE 3.10 GRIND your enemies into BONE DUST with a BLAST of UNDEAD RAGE!

Tomb Buggy is a light vehicle with excellent handling, so hold on tight—you’ll defy gravity in this machine to knock out the bad guys. It’s a little slow to get started and not the fastest on the track, so build up your speed with mods and upgrades for a fully SuperCharged experience. Spread the Love is a great long-range weapon with a wide arc of destruction, but keep your finger on the attack longer to do permanent damage.

Upgrade Tomb Buggy’s shields and weapons with Sharpfin and his crew:

  • Upgrade Level 1: 800 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 2: 900 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 3: 1000 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 4: 1100 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 5: 1200 gearbits


Spread the Love: Tap Attack 1 to blast a spread shot of Undead power at enemies.

Unfair Play: Hold Attack 3 to grind nearby enemies with wheel energy.


  • Scream Screech Horn

  • Underworld Hum Horn

  • Spectral Spooker Horn

  • Organ Blast Horn

Specialty Mods

Performance Mods

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