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Sea Shadow


FIGURE 3.40 CAST A SHADOW to make evil SHUDDER in the DEEP-SEA DIVER of darkness!

The Sea Shadow is an uber-cool vehicle with smooth sailing at top speed and strong acceleration to get you there. Its weaknesses are a wide turning circle (tricky in tight spots) and minimal armor, which makes it easy to blast in a race (try bolstering your shields and using the Deep Sea Denture mod so the bad guys don’t sink their teeth into it). Alluring Lures is a stand-out specialty mod that increases your speed to maximum and looks brilliant underwater, like the glowing, bioluminescent lure of an anglerfish. A double-hit weapons system lets you create a Darkness Vortex to capture long-range enemies and then pummel the vortex with short-range attack orbs to increase the damage output. What could be better?

Upgrade Sea Shadow’s shields and weapons with Sharpfin and his crew:

  • Upgrade Level 1: 300 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 2: 350 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 3: 400 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 4: 450 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 5: 500 gearbits


Abyss Cannon: Tap Attack 1 to fire Darkness Orbs that track your enemies.

Luminescent Launcher: Tap Attack 3 to launch a Darkness Vortex. Shoot it with Darkness Orbs to make it pulse with damage!


  • Night Time Tuner Horn

  • Abyssal Emitter Horn

  • Sea Floor Horn

  • Manta Music Horn

Specialty Mods

Performance Mods

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