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Nightfall: “Dark and Dangerous!”


FIGURE 3.39 Beware of the lure of flowing black locks—she’ll HOOK you in and leave you with WHIPLASH!

TABLE 3.37 Nightfall’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Sea Shadow

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Nightfall is a Dreadwalker who carries a brooding shadow of darkness over her like a veil. Her natural instinct to avoid others is constantly challenged by her courageous need to keep Skylands safe, no matter the cost. For many years, she dove alone into the abyss of the Poison Sea to hunt lurking monsters of Darkness. This led to an epic one-on-one battle against an enormous Leviathan that saved her people from a terrible fate. Nightfall wants to see justice served and hates to be underestimated. After a successful mission to find an Elite team of Skylanders for Buzz in Motleyville, Nightfall finally left her post on Fogshadow Tower and joined the SuperChargers with her customized deep-sea vehicle, Sea Shadow. Her devastating close-combat moves use dark energy attacks and metal hooks to cause damage in combat.

Attack Moves:

Handy Hooks: Press Attack 1 to perform a flurry of right and left hooks.

Ambrush: Press Attack 2 to dash forward or behind enemies.

Soul Gem Ability: Bad Hair Day – 4000: Tap Attack 3 repeatedly to knock all enemies into the air in an area. Continue tapping Attack 3 to increase the area and knock all enemies down to the ground.


TABLE 3.38 Nightfall’s Upgrades!

Whip Lash – 500: Press Attack 3 to unleash a strand of dark energy that whips enemies and knocks them into the air. Using Whip Lash in the air knocks enemies down.

Split Hook Ends – 700: New hooks cause melee attacks to do more damage.

Hair Today, Gone Now – 900: Damage enemies at the start of Ambrush and move faster during it.

Layered Lunge– 1200: The first hook melee attack after an Ambrush is guaranteed to critically strike.

Master Angler Path: Master the power of your super sharp hooks.

Dread Head Path: Master the use of your dark energy attacks!

Splitting Hairs – 1700

Hold Attack 1 and release to unleash a devastating combo of hook and dark energy attacks.

Comb-O – 2200

Every fourth attack in the basic melee combo does more damage.

Playing Hooky – 3000

Press Attack 1 during Ambrush to deal more damage in a larger area on exit.

Ambrush Rush – 1700

Hold Attack 2 to Ambrush and shoot strands of dark energy toward enemies.

Up-Sweep – 2200

Knock enemies into the air at the end of Ambrush.

Vast Volume – 3000

Press Attack 3 to send three strands of dark energy out to knock more enemies into the air during Whip Lash.

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