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Big Bubble Pop Fizz: “The Motion of the Potion!”


FIGURE 3.37 Our favorite alchemist is BUBBLING with excitement for his new invention—it’s TIME TO POP some bad guys! Chemistry’s never been so fun!

TABLE 3.35 Big Bubble Pop Fizz’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Soda Skimmer

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


If you want to bring a bonanza of bubbles and wild attack moves into your fight, call Big Bubble Pop Fizz, the crazy alchemist! Pop Fizz is always on the edge of creating catastrophe with his experiments, but he’s perfectly happy to keep it that way. He blows humungous bubbles at his enemies that bounce around and cause damage to everything in their path. But even better, his secret weapon is his own awesome crazy spell—his second attack turns Pop Fizz totally berserk! This cute, furry little bubble-blower transforms into his own alter ego: a maniac rage-monster that scratches and smashes his way through bad guys like butter. No one is safe when Big Bubble Pop Fizz is bubbling with energy and blowing through Skylands!

Attack Moves:

Bubble Blast: Press Attack 1 to blow bubbles that bounce on their way to enemies.

Bubbling Beast Form: Press Attack 2 to transform into a beast. Press Attack 1 to attack nearby enemies with claws.

Soul Gem Ability: Spiked Punch– 4000: While in Beast Mode, hold and release Attack 1 to pound the ground and knock all enemies in the area up!


TABLE 3.36 Big Bubble Pop Fizz’s Upgrades!

Mixture Modifier – 500: Press Attack 3 to cause a chemical reaction and transform the color and effects of liquid attacks.

Know Your Bases – 700: All base liquid attacks do more damage.

Genetic Engineering – 900: Press Attack 3 while in Beast Mode to perform new attacks depending on the current liquid color. (Prerequisite: Mixture Modifier.)

Side Effects – 1200: After reverting to normal Pop Fizz mode, gain a temporary defense boost.

Alchemic Maestro Path: Master your Potion Creation Station!

Brass Of The Beast Path: Unlock the potential of the Beast!

Larger Lungs – 1700

Hold Attack 1 to perform improved liquid attacks depending on the current color.

For Science! – 2200

Hold Attack 3 while in normal form to constantly spew liquids that damage enemies in the nearby area.

Follow the Formula – 3000

Mixture Modifier gains additional effects depending upon the liquid color.

Better Beast – 1700

Hold Attack 3 to perform enhanced and longer versions of unique beast attacks.

Juiced Up! – 2200

Melee attacks in Beast Mode do more damage. I’m a monster, RAWR!

Feed the Beast – 3000

In Beast Mode, hold Attack 3 to perform Better Beast attacks. Press Attack 1 after using a Better Beast attack to do more damage with your claws.

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