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Splatter Splasher


FIGURE 3.36 Make an impression with the hyper-color hydro-craft that paints the town red... and purple and orange and green!

If you need a strong arm in a water fight, try Splatter Splasher’s second attack move. The vehicle shoots a muscle-bound fawn fighter called an “Inkling” to hit enemies out of your way (they look a bit like rainbow-colored goat-genies; super sweet, but... ouch!). This one is a strong long-range attack, with the bonus of Inklings staying around to fight enemies after you’ve continued on. (Leave them to distract enemies in a race so you can get ahead!) Splatter Splasher also has a solid melee attack called Oiled Ink, which shoots paint balls at your target like a missile. This is a fun vehicle with good speed, but it gets a bit hard to control underwater, so improve its handling with the Modern Hydo and Paint Palette Wheel mods. It doesn’t take much to knock this boat out of the water, so upgrade your shields as soon as you can.

Upgrade Splatter Splasher’s shields and weapons with Sharpfin and his crew:

  • Upgrade Level 1: 300 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 2: 350 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 3: 400 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 4: 450 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 5: 500 gearbits


Oiled Ink: Tap Attack 1 to paint your targets.

Inkling Interceptor: Tap Attack 3 to fire a paint bomb that leaves an Inkling that attacks nearby enemies.


  • Bristle Whistle Horn

  • Airbrush Horn

  • Hue Tone Horn

  • Graffiti Clamor Horn

Specialty Mods

Performance Mods

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