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Splat: “The Art of War!”


FIGURE 3.35 Prove the BRUSH is mightier than the sword as you FLING INK with creative abandon and PAINT YOUR ENEMIES into a corner!

TABLE 3.33 Splat’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Splatter Splasher

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


With a double-ended paint brush and a host of Inkling minions at her fingertips, Splat is a master artist on a mission! Although the other fauns in her village enjoyed coloring inside the lines and never making waves, Splat was far too creative to be contained. She secretly let her creative streak run wild and taught herself free-form fighting skills using her imagination and magic paint brush. It was lucky she followed her heart, because one day, Splat had to put her skills to use when a Drow army attacked her village. Of course, her heroic heart had all the right moves, and she was finally celebrated for the unique individual she’d kept hidden for so long. Splat can take on the baddies melee-style by spinning and smashing them with her paint brush like a ninja staff. She has a strong hit, especially when her Inklings upgrade and gain strength. If you’re after a long-range attack move that really leaves its mark, try the Abstract Designer Path to paint an Inkling to remember! Bigger and better than ever, this horned helper will trample enemies and clear a path through the fray.

Attack Moves:

Artisan Arts: Press Attack 1 to pummel enemies with your brush staff.

Heave Hue!: Press Attack 2 to fling an explosive ink blob at enemies.

Soul Gem Ability: Bringing the Stain – 4000: Enemies hit with ink attacks are now slowed!


TABLE 3.34 Splat’s Upgrades!

Have an Inkling – 500: Press Attack 3 to send an Inkling charging forward, leaving damaging ink pools behind and hitting enemies in the way!

Dye Hard – 700: Melee attacks do more damage to enemies. The sparkly bits make it hurt more!

Broad Strokes – 900: Press Attack 2 to fling an even larger explosive ink blob at enemies.

Scape-Goat – 1200: Press Attack 3 to summon a more powerful Inkling that leaves behind longer lasting ink pools. (Prerequisite: Have an Inkling.)

Prolific Painter Path: Create ink pools and more powerful ink creatures with this path.

Abstract Designer Path: Brush up on your doodling skills to make your Inklings even more powerful!

Wet Paint – 1700

Hold Attack 2 and release to throw a huge explosive ink blob that leaves a pool of damaging ink on the ground.

Canvas the Area – 2200

Ink pools created by Wet Paint are now larger.

Shades of Pain – 3000

Hold Attack 2 and release to throw a huge explosive ink blob that creates a large angry ink monster that attacks nearby enemies.

Running Colors – 1700

Inkling creatures now charge a further distance to hit enemies.

Stroke of Genius – 2200

Inklings and ink pools left behind by Inklings will now explode!

Graffiti Gruff – 3000

Hold Attack 3 even longer and release to draw a huge Inkling that will trample enemies in front of you.

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