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This chapter is from the book

Dive-Clops: “Look Out Below!”


FIGURE 3.31 Keep your EYE ON THE PRIZE and DIVE RIGHT IN to victory! This star PUPIL will make the bad guys CRY!

TABLE 3.29 Dive-Clops’ Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Dive Bomber

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


It turns out that one of our favorite Skylander Giants, Eye Brawl, has a twin brother who disappeared for thousands of years underneath the sea in the enigmatic Whirlpool of Destiny. Now reemerged in his custom-made diving suit (created by the Jelly Dwarves who once saved his life), he has joined his brother as a Skylander, working for Master Eon. Teamed up with his torpedo-shooting SuperCharger vehicle, the Dive Bomber, this giant eyeball doesn’t miss a thing. Drown enemies with a torpedo of water shot from his eyeball using the Put the Eye in Geyser and Power of the Pupil upgrades, and don’t forget to mined your manners (“excuse me!” and “sorry bad guys!”) when you shoot Waterpedo mines for enemies to stumble over behind you. Dive-Clops is great on the ground with a combo of close-range moves that are sure to hit their target.

Attack Moves:

Waterpedo: Press Attack 1 to shoot a Waterpedo that creates a mine that damages enemies close to it and explodes when hit with Sonar.

Sonar: Press Attack 2 to create a sonar ping that damages enemies around you and causes Waterpedo mines to explode.

Soul Gem Ability: Depth of Field – 4000: Hold Attack 1 and release to shoot a huge cluster of Waterpedo mines. If you couldn’t “sea” mines, you will now!


TABLE 3.30 Dive-Clops’ Upgrades!

Put the Eye in Geyser – 500: Press Attack 3 to unleash a geyser that pushes enemies back. Press Attack 3 again to end the geyser.

Echo Enhancers – 700: Increases the range and damage of Sonar.

Power of the Pupil – 900: While using Geyser, press Attack 1 or Attack 2 to perform special attacks. (Prerequisite: Put the Eye in Geyser.)

Ping – 1200: Hold Attack 2 and release to shoot existing Waterpedoes and mines upon the targeted enemy or location.

Tidal Torpedoes Path: Use lost deep-sea technology to increase the power of Waterpedo!

Dowsing Dowser Path: Learn more powerful Sonar abilities to defeat large groups of enemies!

Torpeslow – 1700

Press Attack 1 to fire Waterpedoes that create mines that slow the movement of enemies close to the mines.

Mark II Waterpedo – 2200

Waterpedoes and Waterpedo mines do more damage. Mined your step!

Neato Waterpedo – 3000

Every other torpedo is a super Waterpedo that does more damage.

Counter Measures – 1700

Enemies hit with Sonar take more damage from Waterpedoes for a short amount of time.

Hatch Off To You – 2200

Automatically send out a small Sonar pulse when hit that will damage nearby enemies.

Depth of Field – 3000

Geyser does more damage and can be used longer. Tear it up!

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