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Turbo Charge Donkey Kong (Nintendo Consoles Only)


FIGURE 3.27 BLASTING BONGOS are BARRELING your way from the playful PRIMATE with a powerful PUNCH!

TABLE 3.25 Turbo Charge Donkey Kong’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Barrel Blaster

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Everybody’s favorite happy-go-lucky hero is back with his Bongo Barrel, bananas, and nephew Diddy Kong to save the day! You can always trust Donkey Kong to barrel into a fight with no regard for his own safety. His inquisitive nature led him to explore the open rift that appeared between worlds, when Kaos’ evil Sky Eater was created. When he heard Mags’ distress signal cross the breach, he leapt at the chance for adventure. Donkey Kong fell into Skylands, ready to lend a hand fighting evil to keep all worlds safe. Alongside his arch-enemy Hammer Slam Bowser, Donkey Kong was given a new Rift Engine SuperCharged vehicle called Barrel Blaster, to aid him in their cause. This hairy hero has a brilliant suite of melee moves that is sure to bring down the house. Explosions, spikey barrels, falling ladders, and a helping hand from Diddy Kong on his jetpack will see the bad guys flee in terror! Follow the Pointy Preparations Path to heal yourself while in Super Donkey Kong mode, to keep your strength up in a tough fight.

Attack Moves:

Primate Punch: Press Attack 1 rapidly to perform melee attacks.

Barrel Toss: Press Attack 2 to throw your barrels at nearby enemies. If they get too close, you’ll smash them with the barrels instead.

Soul Gem Ability: Diddy you call? – 4000: Press Attack 3 to build up a power meter. When it’s filled, you will call in Diddy Kong to fly around on his jetpack and attack nearby enemies!


TABLE 3.26 Turbo Charge Donkey Kong’s Upgrades!

Bongo Barrel – 500: Press Attack 3 rapidly to slam your barrel down and use it as a bongo. Use your bongos to damage nearby enemies. When you stop, your bongo will continue to play for a short time.

Super Donkey Kong – 700: Hold Attack 1 to enter Super Donkey Kong mode. When in Super Donkey Kong mode, press Attack 3 to stomp and Attack 1 to do a barrel roll!

Barrels of Fun – 900: Charge up Attack 2 and release to be put into an arrow barrel. While in the barrel you’ll be able to aim around the level and shoot yourself, causing an explosion where you land.

Old School – 1200: Tap Attack 3 in Super Donkey Kong mode to cause ladders and girders to fall from the sky.

Powder Keg Power Path: Bring in some explosive tactics to help defeat enemies!

Pointy Preparations Path: Upgrade all of your barrels with metal spikes to roll over enemies!

Boom Barrels – 1700

Tapping Attack 2 will now throw explosive barrels!

Explosive Landing – 2200

Charge up Attack 2 and release to be shot around in a barrel. At the end of the move you’ll trigger a big explosion.

Bongo Blast – 3000

Press Attack 3 rapidly to start playing the bongos that are left behind. They will explode!

Spikey Barrels – 1700

Tapping Attack 2 will now throw spikey barrels! Also, Super Donkey Kong mode will use spiked barrels to attack enemies!

Barrel Rolled – 2200

Hold Attack 1 to enter Super Donkey Kong mode. Press Attack 2 to roll over nearby enemies in a huge spiked barrel.

Healthy Kong – 3000

Regenerate health while in Super Donkey Kong mode.

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