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Hammer Slam Bowser (Nintendo Consoles Only)


FIGURE 3.13 The ultimate villain-turned-hero is out for revenge with his TROOP OF KOOPAS, CLAWS, and triple-hit HAMMER SLAM!

TABLE 3.11 Hammer Slam Bowser’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Clown Cruiser

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


On his own far-away world across the rift divide, Bowser was the undisputed, tyrannical king of the Koopas. When evil Kaos created the Sky Eater and Skylands was plunged into impending doom, Mags sent out a distress call that crossed the breach between worlds where the Sky Eater had torn it apart. Bowser jumped through the rift to investigate the call. Suddenly faced with pirates on the boundary of Skylands, Bowser fought to save his own life and that of his mortal enemy Donkey Kong, and the two finally stood victorious together. SuperCharged with Rift Engines that they discovered nearby, and given a new fighting jet, the Clown Cruiser, to aid him, Hammer Slam Bowser agreed to keep fighting against The Darkness to prevent it from reaching his own world as well. Until Kaos is defeated and the war is won, enemies become friends. After that... who knows?

Attack Moves:

Hammer Slam: Press Attack 1 to swing your hammer and attack nearby enemies.

Koopa Troopa!: Press Attack 2 to call in a Koopa. Jump on Koopas to send them spinning around the level!

Soul Gem Ability: Molten Bones – 4000: Press Attack 3 to turn into Molten Bowser. Turning into Molten Bowser transforms all active Koopas into Molten Bones, which do more damage to enemies!


TABLE 3.12 Hammer Slam Bowser’s Upgrades!

Molten Bowser – 500: Press Attack 3 to become a fiery Bowser! Press Attack 1 to swipe at enemies with fiery claws or press Attack 2 to breathe out fire!

Shell Smash – 700: Press Attack 1 to hit a nearby spinning Koopa, causing them to spin around faster and do more damage.

Red Koopa – 900: Press Attack 2 to spawn a Red Koopa. Red Koopas home in on enemies while in their shell.

Royal Authority – 1200: Press Attack 2 to spawn a Koopa. This will also cause nearby Koopas to stop spinning.

Koopa Commander Path: Use masterful battle tactics to cause your Koopas to do devastating damage to enemies.

Molten Monstrosity: Power up with new mighty lava attacks to make enemies feel the burn!

Warp Pipe – 1700

Hold Attack 2 to summon a Warp Pipe that spawns Koopas.

Koopa Paratroopa – 2200

Press Attack 2 to summon a Koopa Paratroopa. Flying and Homing!

Super Koopa Spin – 3000

Press Attack 1 to make nearby spinning Koopas spin even faster. You can now spin up Koopas even more, thus doing more damage to enemies!

Molten Hammer – 1700

Press Attack 1 three times to do a massive lava slam attack.

Bowser Bomb – 2200

Press Attack 3 to enter Molten Bowser mode, causing an explosion and massive damage to the enemies around you.

Infinite Fire – 3000

Hold Attack 2 while in Molten Bowser mode to deliver a continuous stream of fire.

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