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Lava Lance Eruptor: “Born to Burn!”


FIGURE 3.11 Need to make a POINT? BURN the baddies with lashings of LAVA POWER!

TABLE 3.9 Lava Lance Eruptor’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle


Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Fancy a nice dip in a steaming pool of red-hot lava? Me neither! But to Lava Lance Eruptor, chillin’ in a bubbling volcano is paradise! He never meant to be marooned on the surface of Skylands (his volcanic home kind of exploded everywhere!), but since he arrived he has put his magma-tic personality to good use chasing down evil and protecting his fiery clan. Eruptor’s wicked lance attack moves will bring down close-range enemies easily. Treat the bad guys to a triad of exploding volcanoes with the Eruption Ruffian Path for a solid long-range attack. Just remember when you win, no high-fives (ouch!)

Attack Moves:

Lava Lancing: Rapidly press Attack 1 to unleash a series of lance attacks.

Lance Legwork: Press Attack 2 to spring forward with your lance out to damage enemies along the way.

Soul Gem Ability: Magma Chamber – 4000: Press Attack 3 while in the air to cannon ball into the ground, creating a lava fountain. Rapidly tap Attack 3 to stay on top of the fountain shooting hot magma all around you.


TABLE 3.10 Lava Lance Eruptor’s Upgrades!

Hot Spot – 500: Press Attack 3 to spit a magma ball into the ground that burrows toward your enemies. It will create an active volcano that shoots fiery projectiles at nearby enemies.

Lava Joust – 700: Hold Attack 2 to dash for a longer amount of time, damaging enemies along your way.

Lance Advanced – 900: Upgrade your lance with metal and do more damage.

Lance Cannon – 1200: Hold Attack 1 to charge up and throw a super lance that explodes on contact.

Eruption Ruffian Path: Make the earth shake with this eruption-based path!

Volcano Vaulter Path: Joust through your foes and blow them away with your lava spike lance!

Hot Feat – 1700

Gain an uppercut explosion at the end of dash attacks.

Volcanic Rain – 2200

Using Hot Feat causes all active volcanoes to erupt, damaging and knocking nearby enemies up into the air.

Third Volcano’s The Charm – 3000

Hold Attack 3 and release to shoot out three magma balls that create three active volcanoes.

Volatile Volcanoes – 1700

Dashing over active volcanoes will boost you forward, causing extra damage and extending the dash and the active volcano’s time.

Eruption Conduction – 2200

While you are dashing, your lance grows extra spikes. Press Attack 3 to shoot the spikes off your lance, causing them to form a volcano where they land.

Cannon Stop Me Now – 3000

Your Lance will now regrow spikes over time, allowing you to create volcanoes to boost over forever!

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