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This chapter is from the book


The quiz questions are provided for your further understanding. See Appendix B, "Quiz Answers," for answers.


  1. Why does proper design often take longer than writing the actual program?

  2. Where does a programmer first begin determining the user's requirements?

  3. True or false: Proper top-down design forces you to put off details as long as possible.

  4. How does top-down design differ from pseudocode?

  5. What is the purpose of RAD?

  6. True or false: You will not have to add code to any system that you design with RAD.

  7. Which uses symbols, a flowchart or pseudocode?

  8. True or false: You can flowchart both program logic as well as real-world procedures.

  9. True or false: Your user will help you create a program's output if you let the user work with an output prototype.

  10. What is the final step of the programming process (before testing the final result)?

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