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And Finally . . .

Processes and their respective problems are real-world phenomena, requiring practical actions and change. Any tool, even based on the cleverest theory, is only as good as the practical business solution it provides. To reiterate, this is about practical achievement versus theory; thus, at any point in the project, it is important to be able to answer

  • What is the question?
  • What tool could help answer the question?
  • How do I get the necessary data for the tool?
  • Based on the data, what is the tool telling me?
  • What are the practical implications (the big “So what?!!” as is it often called)?
  • What is the next question that arises based on where we’ve been?

The best Belts maintain this holistic viewpoint; the best Champions and Mentors keep pushing the Belts for the holistic view.

It is probably worthwhile to point out that no project is easy, but I hope this guide will bring a little clarity and confidence to those who have to navigate through it.

The only thing left to say at this point is “Good luck!” Even the best Belt needs some of that, too.

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