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This chapter is from the book


Take a moment and practice the concepts studied in this chapter. It is important to have a strong foundational understanding of the Unity editor because everything you will learn from here on out will utilize it in some way. To complete this exercise, do the following:

  1. Create a new scene by going to File > New Scene or by pressing Ctrl+N (Command+N on a Mac).
  2. Create a Scene folder under Assets in the Project view.
  3. Save your scene by going to File > Save Scene or by pressing Ctrl+S (Command+S on a Mac). Be sure to save the scene in the Scenes folder you created and name it something descriptive.
  4. Add a cube to your scene. To do this, click the GameObject menu at the top, place your mouse over Create Other, and select Cube from the pop-up menu.
  5. Select the newly added cube in the Hierarchy view and experiment with its properties in the Inspector view.
  6. Practice navigating around the Scene view using Flythrough mode, the Hand tool, and snap controls. Use the cube as a point of reference to help you navigate.
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