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Getting a Ride Using the Uber App

You can now use your iPad to get from one place to another, including from the airport to a destination or home. Uber has become a transportation phenomenon. Now, with a few taps, you can request a ride, type in the car of your choice (similar to a cab service but with more options), watch as your driver arrives in minutes, pay with your mobile device, and usually save money. Note: You will need to either be in an area that has wireless capability or have an iPad that works on cellular.

As we are writing this, Uber is located primarily in major cities, but we fully expect that this service will expand quickly.

  • cir_1.jpg Open the App Store by tapping its icon on your home screen, and then type Uber in the Search field in the upper-right corner.
  • cir_2.jpg To locate Uber in the App Store, you first need to change the type of apps from iPad Only to iPhone Only at the top of the search results screen. When you see the Uber app in the search results, tap it. You can use the options on this screen to review the details about this app as well as read reviews from other users.

  • cir_3.jpg Tap Get when you are ready to download and install it, and then tap Open.

  • cir_4.jpg Tap Register to create an account, or tap Sign In if you already have an Uber account.

  • cir_5.jpg You can create an account by completing your email address, adding your mobile phone number, and creating a password. As noted, Uber will use this information to send you ride confirmations and receipts. Tap Next in the upper-right corner.

  • cir_6.jpg Create a profile with your name and photo to help the driver identify you at pickup. Type your name in the fields, and then tap the picture button to add a photo of yourself for the driver to see. You can take a new photo or choose one from your photo library. When finished, tap Next.

  • cir_7.jpg Now you can enter arrangements for making payment for your ride. This can be done using a credit card or via PayPal (a secure way to make payment on the internet). I chose to use my PayPal account.

  • cir_8.jpg After you have decided your method of payment, Uber asks that you approve future payments using your chosen account. Tap Agree to continue.

  • cir_9.jpg If you have not already done so, Uber will ask that you turn on Location Services. This enables Uber to use your built-in GPS to determine your location as you use its service.

  • cir_10.jpg Uber sends you a text you are required to answer by responding “GO.” You are asked to allow Push Notifications so that Uber can send you messages concerning your ride(s).

  • cir_11.jpg Using your iPad’s GPS, Uber shows your location on a map and gives you the opportunity to set pickup location.
  • cir_12.jpg You need to decide what type of vehicle you want to pick you up. The choices range from uberX, the cheapest option (a common car), to an SUV, the most expensive option. Not all locations have the same car options. In some larger cities, Taxi is an Uber option as well.

  • cir_13.jpg I tapped uberX, and the next page confirms my predetermined payment option. Tap Change to choose another type of payment.
  • cir_14.jpg Tap Fare Quote for details on your fare with this car.
  • cir_15.jpg The approximate pickup time is also indicated.
  • cir_16.jpg I tapped Fare Quote and entered San Francisco International Airport as my destination. The estimated quote for my uberX car to take me to the airport is between $49 and $63.
  • cir_17.jpg You’ll see a note that some variability in the fare as a result of traffic, weather, and other factors is possible. Tap the X in the upper-right corner to return to the Confirmation page.
  • cir_18.jpg Tap Request uberX to complete the pickup request. You receive a confirmation of the request and an approximate time your car will arrive. Additionally, you are given the name, photo, and phone number of the person who is picking you up.

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