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The Bottom Line

Although you can’t generate a huge number of the different ores in Minecraft, being able to create the basics, such as stone and cobblestone, can be a boon, saving you from having to tunnel through the countryside or mar the landscape with strip mines. Indeed, ever wonder how players create enormous structures while playing a game that is strictly Survival? Well, they don’t do so by digging up all that ore. Generators take up very little space, and pistons are easy to create. Plant some saplings to provide wood for the handles, and you’ll have all you need to build any number of pickaxes so you can keep pulling in the output from the generator and use it wherever you require. Build an enormous castle and turn the pistons so they face up and create towering walls. You may even want to use a generator to create huge platforms such as the one required for the mob farm described in the next chapter. Read on to gain a huge amount of other useful resources from mob drops.

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