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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing Web Pages

After you open a website, you can control what you view on the web page in several ways. These techniques enable you to access the entire web page and navigate between web pages in the Internet app.

  1. Navigate to a web page using one of the two methods described in the previous tasks in this chapter (not shown).
  2. As you view a page, you can drag up and down the page with your finger. You can also flick with your finger to scroll quickly. After you flick, the screen scrolls, decelerates, and then comes to a stop.

  3. Zoom in by double-tapping an area on the screen. Zoom out by double-tapping again.

  4. While you’re zoomed in, you can touch and drag left and right to view different parts of the web page.
  5. Move to another web page from a link in the current web page by tapping a link. Links are usually an underlined or colored piece of text, but they can also be pictures or images that look like buttons.

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