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  1. Bushwhack: "Axe to the Max!"
  2. Tuff Luck: "It's Your Lucky Day!"
  3. Food Fight: "Eat This!"
  4. Sure Shot Shroomboom: "He Shoots, He Spores!"
  5. High Five: "Buzz Off!"
  6. Barkley: "Be Afraid of the Bark!"
  7. Whisper Elf: "Silent but Deadly!"
  8. Enigma: "Out of Sight!"
  9. Blastermind: "Mind Over Matter!"
  10. Déjà vu: "Did That Just Happen?"
  11. Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz: "The Motion of the Potion!"
  12. Cobra Cadabra: "Charmed and Ready!"
  13. Spry: "All Fired Up!"
  14. Mini Jini: "Any Last Wishes?"
  15. Gusto: "Gusts and Glory!"
  16. Thunderbolt: "A Storm Is Coming!"
  17. Blades: "Looking Sharp!"
  18. Full Blast Jet-Vac: "Hawk and Awe!"
  19. Fling Kong: "Monkey See, Monkey Doom!"
  20. Breeze: "Twists of Fury!"
  21. Pet Vac: "Hawk 'N' AWE!"
  22. Snap Shot: "Croc and Roll!"
  23. Lob-Star: "Star Bright, Star Fight!"
  24. Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: "Fear the Fish!"
  25. Echo: "Let's Make Some Noise!"
  26. Flip Wreck: "Making Waves!"
  27. Thumpling: "Hail to the Whale!"
  28. Gill Runt: "Fear the Fish!"
  29. Jawbreaker: "Down For the Count!"
  30. Gearshift: "All Geared Up!"
  31. Chopper: "Dino Might!"
  32. Tread Head: "Tread and Shred!"
  33. Drobit: "Blink and Destroy!"
  34. Trigger Snappy: "No Gold, No Glory!"
  35. Wildfire: "Bringing the Heat!"
  36. Ka-Boom: "Boom Time!"
  37. Torch: "Fire It Up!"
  38. Trail Blazer: "The Mane Event!"
  39. Hog Wild Fryno: "Crash and Burn!"
  40. Weeruptor: "Born to Burn!"
  41. Small Fry: "Crash and Burn!"
  42. Head Rush: "Taking Charge!"
  43. Wallop: "Hammer It Home!"
  44. Fist Bump: "Knock, Knock...Too Late!"
  45. Rocky Roll: "Roll with It!"
  46. Bop: "Rock and Roll!"
  47. Terrabite: "It's Beatin' Time!"
  48. Krypt King: "I've Got the Edge!"
  49. Short Cut: "Cut to the Chase!"
  50. Funny Bone: "I Have a Bone to Pick!"
  51. Bat Spin: "No Rest for the Wicked!"
  52. Eye-Small: "I've Got My Eye on You!"
  53. Hijinx: "Fear the Dark!"
  54. Knight Light: "See the Light!"
  55. Spotlight: "Time to Shine!"
  56. Knight Mare: "Nowhere to Hide!"
  57. Blackout: "Darkness Falls!"
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This chapter is from the book

Barkley: “Be Afraid of the Bark!”


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BRANCH OUT with your attack to SLAM the bad guys with a SERVE of GREEN POWER they’ll never forget!

Barkley trained hard at Skylanders Academy so he could learn to be just as brave as his majestic role model, Tree Rex. Before he transformed into the tree-mendous protector that he is today, Tree Rex was a huge, beautiful tree growing in a forest. After the ancient Arkeyans made him mutate from the pollution of their war machine factory, he used his newfound strength to teach them some respect for nature! Like his full-sized counterpart, Barkley knows that destructive minions are a thorn in his side. He loves to charge at enemies with his mega-spikey arm and crush evil into splinters!

Attack moves:

Shockwave Slam: Press Attack 1 to slam the ground with massive fists, causing shockwaves.

Sequoia Stampede: Press and hold Attack 2 to charge through enemies and obstacles.

Soul Gem Ability: Woodpecker Pal! – 4000: A woodpecker buddy joins Barkley in battle.


Photosynthesis Cannon – 500: Press Attack 3 to harness the power of the sun and shoot light beams.

Big Thorn Shockwave Slam – 700: Hold Attack 1 for a bigger, more powerful Shockwave Slam.

Super Stampede – 900: Sequoia Stampede attack does increased damage.

Treefolk Tripleshot – 1200: Photosynthesis Cannon fires triple burst shots.

Prerequisite: Photosynthesis Cannon.

Treefolk Charger Path: Provides more upgrades for the Sequoia Stampede attacks.

Lumbering Laserer Path: Provides more upgrades for the Photosynthesis Cannon.

Titanic Elbow Drop – 1700

Press Attack 1 while charging to perform one serious elbow drop move.

Lightfooted – 2200

Charge longer and faster, doing more damage in the process.

Ultimate Stampede – 3000

Sequoia Stampede attack does maximum damage.

Super-Charged Vaporizer – 1700

Hold down Attack 3 to charge up the Photosynthesis Cannon for more damage.

Sun Skewer – 2200

Photosynthesis Cannon blasts through enemies and explodes for more damage.

The Pod Maker – 3000

Vaporized enemies turn into exploding plant pods. Prerequisite: Super-Charged Vaporizer.

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