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  1. Bushwhack: "Axe to the Max!"
  2. Tuff Luck: "It's Your Lucky Day!"
  3. Food Fight: "Eat This!"
  4. Sure Shot Shroomboom: "He Shoots, He Spores!"
  5. High Five: "Buzz Off!"
  6. Barkley: "Be Afraid of the Bark!"
  7. Whisper Elf: "Silent but Deadly!"
  8. Enigma: "Out of Sight!"
  9. Blastermind: "Mind Over Matter!"
  10. Déjà vu: "Did That Just Happen?"
  11. Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz: "The Motion of the Potion!"
  12. Cobra Cadabra: "Charmed and Ready!"
  13. Spry: "All Fired Up!"
  14. Mini Jini: "Any Last Wishes?"
  15. Gusto: "Gusts and Glory!"
  16. Thunderbolt: "A Storm Is Coming!"
  17. Blades: "Looking Sharp!"
  18. Full Blast Jet-Vac: "Hawk and Awe!"
  19. Fling Kong: "Monkey See, Monkey Doom!"
  20. Breeze: "Twists of Fury!"
  21. Pet Vac: "Hawk 'N' AWE!"
  22. Snap Shot: "Croc and Roll!"
  23. Lob-Star: "Star Bright, Star Fight!"
  24. Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: "Fear the Fish!"
  25. Echo: "Let's Make Some Noise!"
  26. Flip Wreck: "Making Waves!"
  27. Thumpling: "Hail to the Whale!"
  28. Gill Runt: "Fear the Fish!"
  29. Jawbreaker: "Down For the Count!"
  30. Gearshift: "All Geared Up!"
  31. Chopper: "Dino Might!"
  32. Tread Head: "Tread and Shred!"
  33. Drobit: "Blink and Destroy!"
  34. Trigger Snappy: "No Gold, No Glory!"
  35. Wildfire: "Bringing the Heat!"
  36. Ka-Boom: "Boom Time!"
  37. Torch: "Fire It Up!"
  38. Trail Blazer: "The Mane Event!"
  39. Hog Wild Fryno: "Crash and Burn!"
  40. Weeruptor: "Born to Burn!"
  41. Small Fry: "Crash and Burn!"
  42. Head Rush: "Taking Charge!"
  43. Wallop: "Hammer It Home!"
  44. Fist Bump: "Knock, Knock...Too Late!"
  45. Rocky Roll: "Roll with It!"
  46. Bop: "Rock and Roll!"
  47. Terrabite: "It's Beatin' Time!"
  48. Krypt King: "I've Got the Edge!"
  49. Short Cut: "Cut to the Chase!"
  50. Funny Bone: "I Have a Bone to Pick!"
  51. Bat Spin: "No Rest for the Wicked!"
  52. Eye-Small: "I've Got My Eye on You!"
  53. Hijinx: "Fear the Dark!"
  54. Knight Light: "See the Light!"
  55. Spotlight: "Time to Shine!"
  56. Knight Mare: "Nowhere to Hide!"
  57. Blackout: "Darkness Falls!"
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This chapter is from the book

Rocky Roll: “Roll with It!”


Click to view larger image

When you’re stuck between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE, ROLL with the duo that make RUBBLE of the rebels!

This dynamic duo are best friends with a common goal—traveling through Skylands to help make it a better place for everyone! Both knew there was a greater adventure out there waiting for them after mining school. Rocky graduated as a first-class rock digger, and Roll impressed the whole school with his final Boulder Dash performance, but soon they went their separate ways. As fate would have it after years apart, Roll and Rocky ended up on the same journey to achieve their childhood dream of visiting Peek’s Peak, a mystical place where true destinies are foretold. There they discovered that they were an unbeatable team! Together, they set off to explore and protect Skylands, turning every day into an epic adventure.

Attack moves:

Spit Ball: Press Attack 1 to have Roll spit out a bouncing rock projectile.

Boulder Dash: Press Attack 2 to perform a Boulder Dash charge attack.

Soul Gem Ability: Boulder Posse! – 4000: Press Attack 3 to increase the amount of boulders in the Boulder Barrier, all the way up to nine. Prerequisite: Find Rocky Roll’s Soul Gem in Chapter 12: Time Town.


Boulder Barrier – 500: Press Attack 3 to form a protective Boulder Barrier; then press Attack 3 again to launch the boulders out.

Rock On – 700: Spit Ball and Boulder Barrier attacks do more damage.

Bouncy Attack Mode – 900: Press Attack 3 to create Boulder Barriers; then hold Attack 2 to enter Bouncy Attack Mode.

Moh Boulders – 1200: Press Attack 3 to increase the number of boulders in the Boulder Barrier from three to six. Prerequisite: Boulder Barrier.

Geological Grandmaster Path: Improve Spit Ball attacks.

Rolling Rumbler Path: Improve Roll attacks.

Super Spit Ball – 1700

Hold Attack 1 to charge up your Spit Ball attack into a giant boulder projectile.

Rock Hardest – 2200

Spit Ball and Boulder Barrier attacks do maximum damage.

Triple Spit Balls – 3000

Shoot three Spit Balls at once that ricochet into smaller boulders.

Let’s Roll – 1700

Rapidly press Attack 2 to rev up the Boulder Dash for more damage and speed.

Roll with the Punches – 2200

In Bouncy Attack Mode, press Attack 1 to perform a spinning fist attack.

Rocky Boxing – 3000

In Bouncy Attack Mode, press Attack 2 to throw a dashing punch attack.

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