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  1. Bushwhack: "Axe to the Max!"
  2. Tuff Luck: "It's Your Lucky Day!"
  3. Food Fight: "Eat This!"
  4. Sure Shot Shroomboom: "He Shoots, He Spores!"
  5. High Five: "Buzz Off!"
  6. Barkley: "Be Afraid of the Bark!"
  7. Whisper Elf: "Silent but Deadly!"
  8. Enigma: "Out of Sight!"
  9. Blastermind: "Mind Over Matter!"
  10. Déjà vu: "Did That Just Happen?"
  11. Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz: "The Motion of the Potion!"
  12. Cobra Cadabra: "Charmed and Ready!"
  13. Spry: "All Fired Up!"
  14. Mini Jini: "Any Last Wishes?"
  15. Gusto: "Gusts and Glory!"
  16. Thunderbolt: "A Storm Is Coming!"
  17. Blades: "Looking Sharp!"
  18. Full Blast Jet-Vac: "Hawk and Awe!"
  19. Fling Kong: "Monkey See, Monkey Doom!"
  20. Breeze: "Twists of Fury!"
  21. Pet Vac: "Hawk 'N' AWE!"
  22. Snap Shot: "Croc and Roll!"
  23. Lob-Star: "Star Bright, Star Fight!"
  24. Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: "Fear the Fish!"
  25. Echo: "Let's Make Some Noise!"
  26. Flip Wreck: "Making Waves!"
  27. Thumpling: "Hail to the Whale!"
  28. Gill Runt: "Fear the Fish!"
  29. Jawbreaker: "Down For the Count!"
  30. Gearshift: "All Geared Up!"
  31. Chopper: "Dino Might!"
  32. Tread Head: "Tread and Shred!"
  33. Drobit: "Blink and Destroy!"
  34. Trigger Snappy: "No Gold, No Glory!"
  35. Wildfire: "Bringing the Heat!"
  36. Ka-Boom: "Boom Time!"
  37. Torch: "Fire It Up!"
  38. Trail Blazer: "The Mane Event!"
  39. Hog Wild Fryno: "Crash and Burn!"
  40. Weeruptor: "Born to Burn!"
  41. Small Fry: "Crash and Burn!"
  42. Head Rush: "Taking Charge!"
  43. Wallop: "Hammer It Home!"
  44. Fist Bump: "Knock, Knock...Too Late!"
  45. Rocky Roll: "Roll with It!"
  46. Bop: "Rock and Roll!"
  47. Terrabite: "It's Beatin' Time!"
  48. Krypt King: "I've Got the Edge!"
  49. Short Cut: "Cut to the Chase!"
  50. Funny Bone: "I Have a Bone to Pick!"
  51. Bat Spin: "No Rest for the Wicked!"
  52. Eye-Small: "I've Got My Eye on You!"
  53. Hijinx: "Fear the Dark!"
  54. Knight Light: "See the Light!"
  55. Spotlight: "Time to Shine!"
  56. Knight Mare: "Nowhere to Hide!"
  57. Blackout: "Darkness Falls!"
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This chapter is from the book

Wallop: “Hammer It Home!”


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When you’re HOT under the collar fighting MINIONS and machines, SMASH through with the master of MELTDOWN POWER!

Wallop’s hard-hitting Traptanium Hammers come in handy when you’re in a tight spot. Once, he helped the Skylanders defeat the evil musical genius Wolfgang the Werewolf and his Troll minions, locking them safely back in Cloudcracker Prison. Before he became a Trap Master, Wallop spent his days learning to forge weapons in his homeland of Mount Scorch. With strength and unrelenting effort, he shaped hot metal into hammers and swords in the boiling lava pits of the volcano. But Wallop wasn’t the only creature to call the grumbling volcano home. An enormous fire viper who had been hibernating in the coals awoke to the sounds of his hammers and—STRIKE!—attacked the peaceful tribe of Mount Scorch! Wallop leapt in action, thrashing and slamming his hammers at the beast until it fled from the volcano, never to be seen again!

Attack moves:

Traptanium Hammer: Press Attack 1 to swing the mighty Traptanium Hammers.

Hammer Toss: Press Attack 2 to toss Traptanium Hammers, which smash down with mighty force.

Soul Gem Ability: Now That’s a Hammer! – 4000: Hold Attack 2 to charge up the Hammer Toss and make super hammers. Prerequisite: Find Wallop’s Soul Gem in Chapter 3: Chompy Mountains.


Tantrum Mode – 500: Rapidly press Attack 1 to enter Tantrum Mode.

Hammer Slammer – 700: Hammer Toss attack does extra damage.

When Hammers Collide – 900: Press Attack 3 to spin both hammers into the battlefield, which then smash together.

Cutting Edge – 1200: New Traptanium Hammers do extra damage.

Tantrum Thrower Path: Improve Tantrum Mode attacks.

Hammer Handler Path: Improve Hammer Toss attacks.

Instant Tantrum – 1700

Hold Attack 1 to instantly enter Tantrum Mode.

Total Meltdown – 2200

Hold Attack 1 to remain in Tantrum Mode for longer and do extra damage.

Aftershock Wave – 3000

Release a powerful wave of Earth energy after coming out of Tantrum Mode.

Better with Shrapnel – 1700

Tossed Hammers shoot out Traptanium shrapnel on impact.

What a Collision! – 2200

The When Hammers Collide attack creates a bigger explosion that does extra damage.

Traptanium Splinters – 3000

Traptanium shrapnel from Hammer Toss sticks to enemies and does damage over time.

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