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You now have an overview of ASP.NET. Overall, the new .NET platform has a lot to offer the software developer, including an ecumenical type system, better type information, and an efficient compilation model, all of which truly tighten up the boundaries between components. Taking charge of all these great features is ASP.NET, which will most likely be .NET's "Killer App."

As we mentioned during our discussion of people-oriented software, the future of computing will undoubtedly involve getting machines to talk to one another over the Internet. The Internet is a ubiquitous network to which scores of people have access. Until now, there has not really been a way to use the Internet as a software platform. However, the technology is now in place to make that happen, and ASP.NET makes it that much easier to manage Web programming. ASP.NET keeps all the good features of classic ASP (in process performance, a well-established syntax, the ability to add executable blocks to your Web page) and improves on them (e.g., by providing a more granular HTTP request handling model, providing a compilation model for Web pages, and organizing the parts of a Web page into classes and making those classes available through the CLR type system). ASP.NET will undoubtedly be the tool of choice for most Web developers for the next five to ten years.

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