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The Ongoing Challenges

There are several main public www4mail servers available that run different versions of the www4mail software. Italy, Germany, UK, and USA each have one public www4mail server; Canada has two; there are also a few private www4mail servers. Refer to www.healthnet.org for an updated list of available servers — we hope to have additional servers in place in the near future.

Because the increasing interest on www4mail manifested from the software downloads we receive weekly, we believe that in all likelihood the demand for Web-to-email technologies will keep pace with the expansion of the Internet. www4mail's value is reflected largely in its rising number of users.

However, the project's current success and success in the future (and the not-so-distant future at that) lies in its proven ability to meet the demands of an ever-more sophisticated and complex operating environment — dynamic content, multimedia elements, secure servers, XML, MathML, and so on. Projects like www4mail need access to state-of-the-art knowledge of the technologies involved. This poses an ongoing challenge.

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