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What www4mail Users Need

Simply put, www4mail users need a few basic things:

  • The ability to send and receive email via a tool that supports MIME.

  • The email address of one of the free www4mail servers.

  • The URL of the Web page they wish to retrieve.

  • A Web browser (although there are options to get the same Web page as pure text only).

For example, send an email:

To: www4mail@collaborium.org Subject: (any)

And write (one, or up to five requests) in the body of the email like this:

get http://www.informit.com (text reply in the body of email) http://www.informit.com (reply to be sent as attachment) ...

In this example, the user will receive an ASCII-text email message from www4mail with an attachment containing the InformIT homepage as it appears on the Web. The attachment will not display graphics by default, in order to save bandwidth, but all graphics can be downloaded upon request. Note also that if no protocol is specified, "http" is taken by default.

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