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User's Quota

When using www4mail in any mode, all binary files from an ftp site or the Web that are larger than 300KB and smaller than 6MB (maximum limit) will be automatically split into smaller chunks of typically 300KB each and each part is sent as a MIME BASE64 attachment. Text and HTML files larger than 300KB and smaller than 6MB will automatically get pk-zipped and are subsequently treated as binary files (subject to splitting and MIME encoding on delivery).

The server administrator can increase or lower these limits via configuration file directives; while a user can only lower the split limit below the server-imposed ceiling. So, if your mailer software or gateway has a mail message size limit of less than 300KB, then you can request that www4mail split messages into files of smaller sizes (starting from 10KB) using the GETSIZE option. Note that GETPART allows you to retrieve any part of a split message that may have been lost along the way.

For all requests, each reply from www4mail carries information about user remaining quota. This includes delivery time, the day of the last access, and so on (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 Statistical usage quota.

To check your weekly quota at any time, use the XMYQUOTA option. A typical quota period of www4mail free usage is about 300 requests (in the categories HTML, text, or document source) per week; but this depends on each system administrator. If you have exceeded your weekly quota, www4mail will inform you with a "503 Error Message - Service Unavailable (quota finished)" message and will stop answering your requests until next week!

Also note that the quota varies considerably when requesting binary files such as executables (.exe) and zip files (.zip). These types of files usually account for 3 to 5 times as much. Images such as JPEGs (.jpg) and GIFFs (.gif) will account for 20 times as much!

www4mail aims to facilitate the searching and accessing of (HTML) Web documents; however, all of these limits are configurable at runtime.

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