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Configuring and Reviewing Reports

In addition to controlling how your child can use your PCs, you can also review details on what your child is doing on your PCs. You can view report data on the Microsoft Family website. You also can configure Microsoft Family to send you a weekly report on your child’s activities in an email message.

Enabling Activity Reporting and Weekly Reports

To see your child’s activities on the Microsoft Family website, you will need to make sure that Activity Reporting is enabled. (Activity Reporting is enabled by default, so these steps apply only if you’ve previously disabled it.) Once you enable Activity Reporting, you can also enable a weekly email report of the child’s activities.

  1. From the Microsoft Family website, tap or click the child you want to configure.

  2. From the Recent Activity page, tap or click to set Activity Reporting to On.
  3. If you want to receive a weekly email report of your child’s activities, tap or click Email Weekly Reports to Me to set it to On.

Reviewing Website Activity

You can view your child’s website activity, including searches that were performed, websites that were blocked, and websites that were visited.

  1. While viewing the Recent Activity for your child, swipe up or scroll down to the Web Browsing section.
  2. Review the web searches your child performed in the Recent Searches section. Note that clicking a web search link will show you the results for that search.
  3. Review the websites that were blocked in the Recent Websites Blocked section.
  4. Tap or click to expand a website and see the pages on the site that your child attempted to visit.
  5. Tap or click Allow next to a page or site to remove it from the blocked URL list.
  6. Swipe up or scroll down if necessary to see more items on the page.

  7. Review the websites your child visited in the Recent Websites Visited section.
  8. Tap or click to expand a site and see the pages that were visited on the site.
  9. Tap or click Show All to see additional sites that were visited.
  10. Tap or click Block to add a site or page to the blocked URL list.

Reviewing App Activity

You can review your child’s app activity (including games). In addition to seeing which apps were used, you can see what devices they were used on and how long they were used.

  1. While viewing a child’s recent activity, swipe up or scroll down to the Apps & Games section.
  2. Tap or click to expand an app and see which devices it was used on.
  3. Tap or click Show All to see a full list of apps that were used.
  4. Tap or click Block to block usage of an app.

Reviewing Device Usage

You can view details of your child’s usage of each of your Windows 10 PCs. You can see how long each PC was used along with a breakdown of usage on each day for the past 7 days.

  1. While viewing a child’s recent activity, swipe up or scroll down to the Screen Time section.
  2. Review the time spent on each device in total for the past 7 days.
  3. Review the daily breakdown of usage for each device. (Note that each device is indicated in a unique color.)

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