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What This Book Is Not

This is not just another book on brainstorming. You’ve probably read plenty of them on idea generation, and you may even have participated in some brainstorming sessions, sitting around coming up with random ideas, hoping one sticks. Unfortunately, most idea-generation methods focus on quantity and not quality. They typically start out with the goal of solving a specific business problem, and then come up with as many ideas as they can that fit within the constraints of that problem. Worse yet, traditional brainstorming completely overlooks the issue of what to do with those ideas after they’ve been generated.

My focus is to teach you tools that will force you out of your old thinking patterns. More importantly, we start off with the ideas and then bring in the business constraints later to shape them into something that has a high likelihood of succeeding in the market.

In short: This book is a step-by-step process for imagining a powerful market disruption and transforming it into reality—a disruptive approach for a disruptive age.

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