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DNS Server Architecture

DNS supports a hierarchal namespace and replica or caching servers. The namespace is separated into zones that can have primary and secondary servers. Primary servers act as masters from which information is updated and then pushed out to the secondary servers.

The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is the name server (named) that runs on a designated host in your organization. Since there are different features that are available in different versions, it is helpful to know what version you are running. TABLE 2-4 correlates the BIND version with the Solaris operating environment that it appears in.

TABLE 2-4 Solaris Versions of BIND

Solaris OE Version

BIND Version

SunOS 4.x


SunOS 2.0-2.5


SunOS 2.6 4.9


SunOS 5.7


SunOS 5.8


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