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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Improving Web Searches with Cortana

You can start a web search with Cortana in two ways: directly from the Cortana Search window or by clicking the Search the web link visible in the previous lesson. In this lesson, you learn how your search terms affect your results.

  • red01.jpg Click or tap the Search box and enter your search terms.
  • red02.jpg If there are no matches on your device, click or tap the link for a web search.
  • red03.jpg If your search term finds a matching website, it is displayed first.
  • red04.jpg Cortana knows your location, so your results are also localized.
  • red05.jpg Click or tap to close the browser.

  • red06.jpg Enter the same search as in step 1.
  • red07.jpg The website found in the previous search is now listed first, followed by related searches. Click or tap one to open it.

  • red08.jpg Enter a localized search (for example, “movies in city”).
  • red09.jpg Click or tap the link to see matches in your city.

  • red10.jpg Cortana displays matches in your city.
  • red11.jpg Click or tap the link for additional matches.

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