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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Discovering Cortana Features

Cortana includes many features you can use to improve search results. Here’s an overview.

  • red01.jpg Click or tap the Search box, and Cortana opens its Home tab.
  • red02.jpg If you do not enter or speak search terms, Cortana provides you with a digest of your day (calendar, events, current news). Scroll down for more information.

  • red03.jpg Click or tap the Menu button to expand the Cortana menu. Click or tap an item to go to that menu.

  • red04.jpg Click or tap the Notebook button if you want to provide Cortana with more information about your preferences.

  • red05.jpg Click or tap the Reminders button if you want Cortana to remind you of a particular time, place, or person.

  • red06.jpg Click or tap the Feedback button if you want to suggest improvements.

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